Members of Extinction Rebellion Universities, as well as other Extinction Rebellion activist, take to blocking roads surrounding Bank in central London. The site was targeting not only for its importance as key infrastructural roads, but particularly to highlight the role that banks and investment companies have in the climate crisis. Below, a student sheds necessary light on the deeper situation of the collapsing climate, one that goes further than demanding the end of fossil fuels and instead demands an end to a toxic and extractive, and supremacist system that has been causing suffering for much of the Global South for centuries.

October 2019
International Rebellion London 

In October 2019 XR returned to central London for the second International Rebellion, whereby groups across the globe were taking to the streets to bring attention the climate and ecological emergency and pressuring governments, institutions and corporations to take more radical action to mitigate this developing disaster. 

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion (XR) are a radical environmental activist organisation who base their tactics in non-violent civil disobedience. In 2018 they declared themselves in rebellion against all governments and institutions complicit in the ongoing environmental and ecological crisis that threatens the existence of all living organisms on the planet. Adams Creative Media has been following the actions and growth of this organisation, and its place on the world stage amongst the wider environmental movement, since November 2018. With a particular focus on the power of the youth voice and the use of education as resistance, we gain an insight into the passion, power and necessity of a youth revolution. It is the youth who embody change and new growth, and through this chaos shall revolution be realised, with the dismantling of the structures of oppression that are leading us to climate and ecological collapse. 

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Monument was part of #BPmustfall, a 3-day performative protest and occupation of the British Museum with particular focus on the Troy: Myth or Reality.

"This is horribly appropriate: we’re sick of the oil industry using our arts and culture as a Trojan Horse to hide its deadly activities. BP’s sponsorship may look like a gift, but death and destruction are lurking inside. The oil giant wants to associate itself with this famous myth but in reality, just 75 miles from the site of ancient Troy, it recently completed an enormous gas pipeline in partnership with the repressive Turkish government, locking us into using more fossil fuels when we should be ditching them."

( www.bp-or-not-bp.org/troy ).

This short film is a brief encapsulation of this overnight performative occupation of the British Museum. 8th February 2020.

BP or not BP?

BP or not BP? are an art activist group focusing on encouraging our cultural and creative industries to divest and cut all ties with fossil fuel companies such as British Petroleum (BP). They do this through the process of using performativity and creativity to subvert the neoliberal  and neocolonial forces perpetuating inequality and pushing us faster towards extinction. By exploring the intersections between art and politics, of performance and civil disobedience, BP or not BP?  work towards banishing the petrochemical forces that exploit, extract and destroy people and planet for profit.

Oil in the Water

"On Monday 20th April 2010, an explosion occurred on board BP's #DeepwaterHorizon rig, killing 11 workers and causing oil to flow into the Gulf of Mexico. A judge would later rule that BP had been "reckless", that its “gross negligence” caused the massive spill that followed. Watch how people around the world created their own #OilInTheWater films to mark 10 years since BP's disaster, highlighting how the impacts continue and that today BP is drilling even deeper in the Gulf.

“We still have thousands of spills every year. The infrastructure is getting older and we are having more and more problems with it.”
- Cyn Sarthou, Executive Director, Healthy Gulf

Hear directly from communities in the Gulf by listening to the new "We Got We, Not BP" podcast from 'Another Gulf is Possible' at the following link: https://anothergulf.com/we-got-we-not-bp/  " -BP or not BP?


Global Youth Climate Strike

Emerging also was the global youth climate strike, most notables organisational groups include Fridays for Future, UKSCN, and others. The sheer energy and spontaneity of this has ignited one of the largest global youth movements seen throughout history.

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