"Since 2018 I have been working with entrepreneurs and professionals involved from various disciplines, bringing to life and communicating creative visions. Working with artists, musicians and award-winning dance companies across Europe, to radical activist groups engaged in the most crucial sociopolitical issues of our times, I see film as more than an aesthetic and creative form, it is a tool to affect change. Adams Creative Media strives to play a part in exactly that. inspired by the power and influence of creativity and visual cultures, we utilise photography, film, and art to create action from theory. "
 Equipped with a 1st-class BA degree in Drama and Theatre and a 1st-class Masters degree in Art and Politics, I have developed a multi-faceted approach to the creative process. Through studying contemporary drama and theatre, the complex socio-political dynamics of urban space, the role of performativity and creativity, the visual medias has become a necessary tool to communicate and affect change.
Whether you are in need of a videographer or film maker to document an event, or need a promotional show-reel for your business, Adams Creative Media provides the professionalism, skills, and equipment to bring your creative desires from mind to screen"

Connor Newson
Creative editor

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