Radical Care

RADICAL CARE is an artistic project exploring solidarity in the absence of adequate State support, community resilience in the face of Covid-19, and the potential for long term community resistance and self-determination.

This piece is centred around a short documentary film, however Radical Care holds has its significance in the process of its creation and development as much as its physical product and distribution. In it we follow volunteers from Leyton Ward, Grove Green, and Leytonstone Ward mutual aid groups, and the Jamia Ghousia Masjid community support group in East London. Through their eyes and experiences we are not only are offered an insight into the voluntary efforts of the community, the individuals involved are also presented with the opportunity to reflect on the conditions that have brought about the need for such work - and the potentialities it presents for the future of community organising. Equally, the manner in which this short documentary is screened extends this opportunity to the audience who, in the newly created social interstice, are able to engage in a process of reflection and work towards building a collective critical consciousness to identify the issues that impact the community and ways in which the root of the problem can be tackled. Check out the full video in the Short Documentaries section of the Film tab!

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